M.S in Psychology 

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT)

As a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in Florida State, I strive to help people make new discoveries about themselves and what helps them overcome the obstacles they face. My patients trust me to guide them on their journey to achieve the goals they set for themselves. As someone who understands the transformative power of therapy, I’m passionate about learning, listening, and bringing balance and wellness to the lives of my patients. I enjoy working with people from all walks of life, and if you or someone you love is going through a difficult time of depression, anxiety, or another mental health issue, please contact me to setup a consultation.

Máster en Psicología - Psicoterapeuta de Pareja y Familia 

Como Psicoterapeuta de Familia y Pareja Licencida en el Estado de la Florida, me esfuerzo por ayudar a las personas a que se descubran a sí mismos y superen aquellos obstáculos que les impide lograr los propósitos que ustedes mismos establecen. Como alguien que entiende el poder transformador de la terapia, soy una apasionada de mi profesión. La escucha clínica le permitirá llevar el equilibrio y el bienestar a su vida y así mejorar sus relaciones vinculares en todos los ámbitos de su vida.

Si usted o alguien que ama, está pasando por un momento difícil de depresión, ansiedad u otro problema de salud mental, póngase en contacto conmigo para coordinar una consulta.



Ana Rita Franco, MS, LMFT, CPC

Mobile: (786) 445 1169




*Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT). Post-Master: *Nov/2019 Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT) Two (2) years of post-master’s supervised experience under the supervisión of a Board approved Qualified Supervisor (145 hours), 3000 hours face to face clients in therapeutic process; and passing the Marriage and Family Therapy National Examination (all those requirements to have a LMFT by the State of Florida – Department of Health – Miami, Fl. – Nov 2019 (AMFTRB – Association of Marriage & Family Therapy Regulatory Board)

 *Master of Science in Psychology
 - Major in Marriage and Family therapy
Honor: Distinction - Summa Cum Laude
. Distinguished Master’s of Science in Psychology Student Award Carlos Albizu University – Miami, Fl. - July 2016 –

*NLP Basic Practitioner
National Federation of Neuro-linguistic Programming – Mar/2014 Miami Fl.

*Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist
American Board of Hypnotherapist – Jun/2011 - Miami, Fl.

*USA Degree Equivalency: Bachelor of Art in Psychology. 160 Cts. Dec/2010 Miami, Fl. *National Certified Life Coach - Orange County - May/2004 - Cincinnati Oh.

*Licensed in Clinical Psychology
School of Psychology, University of Uruguay Feb/2000 - Montevideo, Uruguay


*Licensed Marriage and Family Therapy – Systemic - Psychodynamic Orientation

*Individual Therapy – Psychoanalytic & Psychodynamic Orientation

*Psycho-Educational Workshop - Emotional Support - Group Therapy

*Neuro-linguistic Programming – Treating Phobias
- Panic Attack

*Clinical Hypnotherapist – Treatment PTSD, Depression and Anxiety Disorders

*Motivational Life Coaching – Working with specific issues to empower people be successful.



 *Deep Insight LLC. Hialeah, Fl. Jan/2020 Present – Owner and Clinical Director - Psychotherapy Individual: Adults, elder people, families and couples. Guiding to take steps towards positive life changes, healing, and a healthy mind. We'll work to uncover and better understand the life challenges and day-to-day stressors that detract from your life and focus; begin identifying and practicing things that will make you stronger. Mood Disorders: Anxiety, Depression.  Life transitions, Parenting, Couple’s issues. Impulse control disorder, personality disorders. 

 *Medicaid Provider Enrollment – April//2020 Miami, Fl. Present -  Medicaid  Provider Type: Specialized Therapeutic Services – Taxonomy 106H00000X – Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist  – CAQH Provider ID: 14594584.

 *Hope Health Clinic – Health Care Clinic – February/2019 Present – Palmetto Bay, Fl. Clinical Counselor as Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist – Given Individual Therapy to elder people under Psychosocial Rehabilitation Program. Duties: Conducting intakes/Bio-psychosocial assessment, diagnosis mental and emotional disorder, crisis intervention, implementing individual treatment plans for emotional disturbed adult/elderly Latin elderly minority through individual therapy.

*ICFH – Institute for Child and Family Health - Sunset Clinic Dec/2016 March 2020 – Miami, Fl. - Clinical Counselor – Registered Marriage & Family Therapist Intern – Licensed Marriage &
Family therapy, Individual therapy and Play therapy. Adolescence and child therapy. Duties: Intakes, assessment, developed individualized treatment plan, crisis intervention as an onsite therapist at Sunset Clinic, and at home clinical counselor.

*Florida Health Care Clinic – Health Care Clinic – March/2019 Sep/2019 – Palmetto Bay, Fl. Clinical practitioner: as a Registered Marriage & Family Therapist given individual therapy to elder people under Psychosocial Rehabilitation Program. Duties: Conducting intakes/Bio-psychosocial assessment, Master Treatment Plan, diagnosis mental and emotional disorder, crisis intervention, implementing individual treatment plans for emotional disturbed adult/elderly Latin elderly minority through individual therapy.

*Private Practice– August/2016 Present – Miami, Fl. Private Practice as RMFTI and LMFT Family & Couple therapy -Licensed Marriage and Family Therapy – Office in Miami Airport – Individual NPI - CAQH -Duties: Intakes, assessment and treatment plans of individual, family and couples with mental health issues and daily life stressors. 

*Private Practice - July/2021 Present - BetterHelp - Independent Contractor. Individual, Family and Couple Therapy. 

*Practicum Internship in EnFamilia, Inc. Jan/2016 – July/2016 – Homestead, Fl.
- Marriage and Family Intern Therapist
Duties: intakes and assessment, crisis intervention, treatment planning and providing family and couple therapy mostly composed of low-income migrant farm workers. Play therapy with children under 12 years old and co- coordinated psycho-educational workshop with parents.

*Psychiatric Department Massachusetts General Hospital - March/2016 – July/2018 Aventura, Fl.
Harvard University & King David Foundation. Inc.
-Community Health Worker – Research Project: Positive Mind Strong Body
Duties: Providing counseling services to prevent depression and anxiety among Latin elderly minority [500 hrs.]

*Talleres Psicoeducacionales, Inc. - Jan/2016 – Present. Miami, Fl.
-Co-Founder and Director of Non Profit Organization (501 c3) – Clinical Counselor Marriage and Family Therapist. Duties: Enhances well-being of Latino family; Latin community settled in South Florida. Dedicated to Prevention and Promotion in Mental Health.

*Carlos Albizu University – Miami Campus - Jun/2015 – Sep/2016. Miami, Fl.
-Workshop coordinator – Support Group ASD
Duties: Support group mother/father and caregivers of kids/adults with some Autism Spectrum Disorder.

*National Parkinson Foundation, Inc. Jun/2014 – Jun-2015 Weston, Fl.
-Workshop co-coordinator – Community Grant Program to targeted Hispanic populations with Parkinson Disease in Miami Dade and Broward Counties - Grant ID: NPFSFL 207 – “Moving Ahead from the Parking Zone”
Duties: Co-coordinated support group with psychologist who has PD.

*King David Foundation, Inc. - April/2011 – July/2016 – Mental Health Project
-Workshop Coordinator – Prevention in Mental Health
Duties: identified health issues in Hispanic families with kids/adolescence (4-16). Implement assessment to identify mental health problems in children (4-16). Workshop to community level in different places (Miami Dade County and Broward County). Coordinate and implemented all workshops and classes to student health Promoters about Post Traumatic Disorder, Depression, Anxiety and Prevention in Alcohol and Drugs.

*Uruguayan Consulate in Miami - April/2011 – Dec/2015 Miami, Fl.
-Presented Research Project: Rebuilding our Stories as Immigrants
Duties: Workshop for the Uruguayan Community settled in South Florida, to help people with Depression, Anxiety Disorder, Grieving and daily Stress amongst other.

*Private Practice Workshop Coordinator - Sep/2004 July/2010 Cincinnati, Oh.-Working Coordination - Led Spanish Speaking Mothers and Children at Public Library.
Duties: Worked on interaction and linkages to stimulate social abilities. Enabling improved child interaction with others (early interaction and developmental growth). Working with mothers/fathers about psycho-educational and their important role as a model (improve parenting, helping to understand life span).

*McComb, Ohio – Miami, Florida - Sep/2002 – Present. Private practice providing online/video counseling to Hispanic immigrants around the world, addressing mental health problems of those with limited access to health care and affected by language barriers.

*Liaison Psychological Center - Jun/2001 – Jun/2002 Buenos Aires, Argentina. - Group and Individual Psychotherapist – Clinical Supervisor to Student Internship
Duties: Intakes, assessments, evaluation and psychological diagnosis (children and adults). Administration of Psychometric and projective techniques to provide vocational guidance. Working with interdisciplinary group of professionals to developed and formulated treatment plan and referrals.

*Mental Health Institution Ampare – Jan/2001- Jan/2002 Bs. As., Argentina.
Group coordinator – Clinical Psychologist.
Duties: Co-responsible for children with autism and neurological severe mental illness. Working with families providing emotional support.

*Burn’s Hospital – Aug/2001 Aug/2002 Bs. As., Argentina-Clinical Psychologist.
Duties: Support families in crisis intervention. Teaching to “Damas de Rosa” (ladies in pink - volunteers) understanding the PTSD, Depression and Anxiety Disorder. Helping families cope with crisis at hospital and at home patient’s family.

*Liaison Psychological Center – Jan/2001 Jan/2002 Bs. As., Argentina
-Clinical Psychologist.
Led Pilot Program for online crisis assistance:
Duties: Active collaborator in the first approach to online interaction for mental health support in Argentina.

*Private Practice – Feb/2000 Jan/2002 Montevideo, Uruguay.
-Clinical Psychologist
Duties: Intakes, assessment and treatment plans of individuals with mental health disorders and daily life stressors.

*EPPSI – “Equipo de Psicología y Psicopedagogía Integral” [Team of Psychology and Integral Psycho-pedagogy] Jan/2000 Jun/2002 Bs. As., Argentina –
-Co-founder and member of Interdisciplinary Direction Committee - Clinical Psychologist.
Duties: Recruitment of services by public and private academic institutions as clinical psychologist administrated different psychometric techniques and formulated clinical evaluations to kids with mental health issues. Workshop coordinator, teaching parents and caregivers what is typical neurocognitive emotional, and social acquisition at different stages of children development.

*Psychiatric Hospital Vilardebo and “Manuel Quintela” (Hospital de Clinicas) - Feb/1999 Feb/2000 Montevideo, Uruguay.
-Internship/Practicum - Intervention on severe mental illness – on-site and outpatient.
Selected only those students who had psychoanalytic therapy.
Duties: Working with interdisciplinary team work. Intervention on crisis intervention and stabilization. Formulated Psychological evaluations. Working in Psycho-educational Group with severe mental illness individual families helping to cope and well-being in the daily relationship.


* Universidad Sigmund Freud –  Psychosomatic Psychoanalytic (In progress)

Clinician Member – Florida Psychoanalytic Center - Miami, Florida.   

*American Psychological Association (APA) – Feb/2018 Miami, Fl.

-Getting reimbursed: Using Telehealth and the New Cognitive Functioning G Code

Presented by Ph.D. Antonio E. Puente (Ex-President APA)

*Florida International University Metropolitan Center Apr/2018 Miramar, Fl. 

-Grant Writing 101 – Intensive Training Develop Successful Grants and Proposals

Presented by Ph.D. Catherine Raymond.

*Institute for Child and Family Health – Feb/2017 – April/2017 Miami, Fl.

-Play Therapy and Working with Children – Total of 12 seminars.

Presented by Ph.D. Lisa Saldana.

*Department of Children and Family – Dec/2016 Miami, Fl.

-Training Substance Abuse & Mental Health. Curse completed and approved of training and certification on use of the Children’s Functional Assessment Rating Scales [CFARS Rater ID]

*Department of Children and Family – May/2017 July/2017 Miami, Fl. Certificate of Completion of 2017
-HIPPA Training [Training and Development]
-Security Awareness Training [Training and Development]

*Florida Laws and Rules [Eight credit hours course entitled]
-HIV/AIDS Awareness and Confidentiality [3 CE Florida Certification Board]

*ACE-Classes, Inc. – Dec/2015 Miami, Fl.
Certificate of Completion & Florida Certification Board Continuing Education -Domestic Violence [2 CE Florida Certification Board]
-Principle of Adolescent Substance Use Disorder Treatment [2 CE]
-Medical Error [2 CE]
-Child Obesity [3 CE]
-Reporting Child Abuse in Florida [2 CE]
-Anxiety Disorder [1 CE]
-Counseling Transgender Client [2.5 CE]
-Death and Dying [3CE]
-Consideration for the Provision of E-Therapy [3 CE]
-Sex & Intimacy in the Digital Age [2 CE]
-Elder Abuse in Florida [2 CE]
-Alcohol Screening & Brief Intervention [2CE]
-Crisis Services [2 CE]
-The Backer Act [2 CE]
-The Dynamic of Drug Abuse, Addiction and Treatment [2 CE]

*7th Biennal Conference National Latino Psychology Sep/28 to Oct/2nd 2016 Orlando, Fl. -Advocating of Social Justice, Liberation & Equality for our Families.

*Psychiatric Department of Massachusetts General Hospital, Harvard University
King David Foundation, Inc. Jun/2016 Miami, Fl.
-Motivational Interviewing Training – Part of Training for Research Project Positive Mind Strong Body.

*Carlos Albizu University – Seminar 9th Annual Mental Health Awareness
-Complex Trauma: Implications & Treatment Across lifespan – Antidepressants and Youth Suicide: Fact and Myths. By MD D. Castellanos
-What Every Adult Should Know About Child Sexual Abuse By MA D. Thomson
-An Introduction to Complex PTSD and its Treatment by Ph.D. J. Davitz

*Florida Center Research and Development in Psychoanalysis May/2016

-“El Otro Social y el Cuerpo en las Psicosis” By Dr. Marcelo Vera, Psychoanalyst Member of the World Association of Psychoanalysis [6 CE Florida Certification Board]

*Psychiatric Department of Massachusetts General Hospital, Harvard University and King David Foundation, Inc. March/2016 Miami, Fl.
-Community Health Worker Training – Part of training for Research Project: Positive Mind Strong Body. By Ph.D. Margarita Alegria; Principal Investigator.

*The Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Council of Greater of Miami [DVSAC] Dec/2015 – Annual Summited. Criminal Justice System’s response to crime of domestic violence from expert work of inside of the system.

*Florida Center Research and Development in Psychoanalysis Nov/2015 -International Seminar: El Estado congelado de la palabra en el Autismo
By Vilma Coccoz; Psychoanalyst Member of the World Association of Psychoanalysis.

*Research Project: “Hispanic immigrants living in South Florida and their relationship with their origin place” [2000-2015] Project Presented in Chancellery of Uruguay by Ana Rita Franco.

*Uruguay Consulate of Miami – Columnist in Bulletin Uruguay Consulate of Miami 2011/2014 – Writing articles about psychological and emotional aspects affecting immigration.
-Voluntary help in special situation – vital crisis [deportation, domestic violence, sexual abuse, crisis intervention]

*Códigos y Valores Magazine – Columnist for Uruguayan Culture Magazine. April/2011 Dec/2013. -Writing articles about psychological and emotional aspects affecting immigration.

*Psychologists Association’s Buenos Aires [APBA] April/2007 Bs. As., Argentina
-About familiar abuse and violence childhood under a gender perspective. By Psychologist Jose Luis Miranda.

*School of Psychology, Buenos Aires University March/2002, Bs. As., Argentina. -The initial interview, the clinical importance. By Psychologist Laura Hanna.

*Luis Chiozza Foundation – School of Psychosomatic Psychoanalysis Mar/2000-2001 Bs. As., Argentina. One-year formation by Dr. Jorge Dayen: 24 Seminars [Semestral Courses] - Introduction to the Psychoanalytic Formation of the organic patient. Body, mind and soul.
-Psychoanalytic study of organic patients in the Luis Chiozza research project.

*Buenos Aires University [UBA] Annual Cathedra Phenomenological Existential Psychology – Post Graduate Course - Feb/2000 Dec/2000 Bs. As, Argentina.
By Maria Lucrecia Rovaletti; CONICET’S Director.

*V International Conference of Psychology and Psychiatric Phenomenological Psychology -Phenomenological and Existential Theory and Practice. Sep/20-24/2000 Bs. As., Argentina.
By Dr. Maria Lucrecia Rovaletty and Dr. Jose Alberto Mainetti.

*Psychiatric Hospital Vilardebo – Internship/Practicum – Intervention on severe mental illness – in site and outpatient. Feb/1999 Feb/2000 Montevideo, Uruguay.


*Latinoamerica Television Chanel - Montevideo, Uruguay July/2012. -Award: Special First Mention for the narrative about “Stories as immigrants”. Tale “The Bird Red” Content symbolic/psychological referred to the discrimination in different areas of life.

*Author of Book “Patria, migración y después Montevideo, Uruguay Feb/2012  - Award: Declared of special interest by the Uruguayan Foreign Affairs Secretary (2013). This book was presented in “International Book Fair Miami” [Sep/2012] and Books and Books of Coral Gables, with the presence of Mr. Diego Pelufo, Uruguayan Consulate in Miami, Florida.

* Códigos y Valores Magazine – Dec/2012 Miami, Florida. -Award: In recognizing of written the book “Patria, Migracion y Despues...”

* Códigos y Valores Magazine – Dec/2013 Miami, Florida. -Award: For collaboration and dedication as a psychological columnist.

*Carlos Albizu University March/2015 – March/2016 – Miami Campus
Master’s of Science Program: Marriage and Family Therapy
Faculty commended dedication to purpose, work quality and fine sense of professionalism. Special professor commendation for the following courses.
-Six Time recipient of Outstanding Achievement Awards:
-The Individual & Family Life Cycle
-Human Sexuality and Sexual Dysfunctions
-Research Methodology & Program Evaluation
-Counseling Theory & Practice
-Advance Abnormal Psychology
-Marriage & Family Clinical Practicum II

*Carlos Albizu University & Health Resources and Services Administration [HRSA] Dec/2015 Miami Campus, Florida.
-Award: U$S 10.000 Approved due to the highest level of academic excellence
Master’s of Science in Psychology Program – Major in Marriage and Family Therapist.

*Carlos Albizu University, May/2016 Santo Domingo, Puerto Rico. - Award: U$S 1.500 receive scholarship for highest level of academic excellent goals in the period 2015/2016.

*Carlos Albizu University Miami Campus Aug/2016 Miami – Miami, Florida -Award: Distinguished Master’s of Science in Psychology Student Award.



Florida Psychoanalytic Center - Clinician member.

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American Board of Hypnotherapy [ABH] #H28636

National Federation of Neuro-linguistic Programming [NFLNP] #0611-308070

American Psychological Association [APA] #01720544

Professional Liability Insurance – CPH & Asociaste

CAQH ID# 14598584

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